Instructor: Nathan Lubliner

Ecology class is an opportunity for campers to
see what really makes an environment. The
instructor, Perry, breaks down what characteristics
make up wetlands, how to tell the differences
between the different types, as well as identifies
many critters that the campers find in a bog halfway
up Mt. Constitution. This is definitely a camper
favorite as they get knee deep, and sometimes
beyond, in mucky mud (don't worry, showers are
taken after they get out!).

(The bottom right picture shows Perry with his Ecology Camper
of the Week)
Here's a picture of guest
Instructor Rick showing off a
critter found  by one of the
campers in a bog on the
Here's some campers in the
bog gettin' nice and
muddy...and finding some
good instruction fodder.
Washington State Youth Conservation Camp
The focus of this class is to give the campers some insight into the principles of
ecology as a science, but more importantly (and much more fun) is to spend
some time exploring the natural beauty of Orcas Island.  I tend to focus on
freshwater ecology to round out some of the other courses on marine, fish, and
wildlife ecology.  There are plenty of lakes, streams and wetlands on the Island
to give us ample opportunity for a hands-on learning experience that can’t be
beat.  The campers are having so much fun playing in the mud that they don’t
even know they’re learning!