Instructor: Janine Johansen
In Marine Biology class, campers will learn about
many types of marine life in a hands-on
experience in East Sound and in Buck Bay on
Orcas Island. Dependant upon the tides, campers
can walk out to an Indian Island and look at many
different types of ocean life, while receiving
lessons on what is there, how it lives, and what it
needs to survive. One of our most senior
instructors (in years of service, not age)
teaches this class with energy, enthusiasm, and
knowledge. Campers also have been known to
taste some kelp in class, as well as oysters from a
nearby oyster farm!
Marine Biology Class
Finding and analyzing marine life.
Here's an example of Marine Biology
class getting caught spending too much
time on an island as the tide came in...the
kids loved it!!!
Washington State Youth Conservation Camp
These campers get to try an oyster...courtesy of the Buck Bay
Shellfish Company. There are a couple "I'm not sure about this"
faces :)