Instructor: Justin Benoit
Our Mountain Hike Class begins with some basic hiking instructions. Trail etiquette is covered, along with an
introduction on how to use a compass, map, and a G.P.S. unit. In the past we have driven campers to the top of Mt.
Constitution and then they hiked down. However, in the past couple of years the campers have asked if they could
hike UP the mountain and ride down. So, we listened. To many surprised staff members most campers LOVED it!
The view from the top of Mt. Constitution is literally breathtaking. From the Mt. Constitution  lookout tower you'll have a
view that very few in the Western Hemisphere have...a 360 degree saltwater view. Again, it's amazing! I always make
sure to have several pictures of the view with campers on the DVD. It's worth the trip to Orcas Island alone!
Washington State Youth Conservation Camp
The Mount
Lookout Tower ---
Amazing Views!!!
Mountain Hike Class
Stopped part way
up for some
scenic shots. Not
bad, for half way