Washington State Youth Conservation
The campers
are given two
tarps and two
pieces of
Here are some
getting their
Instructor: Ramiro Alonso

Our Survival Class at camp starts before the campers are sent up Mt.
Constitution for the Mt. Hike class. Survival begins with an introduction
to compasses, maps, and GPS's. After some instruction, the campers
are given points to find and walk with partners along a compass course.
After the campers have successfully navigated the course, they gather
their sleeping bag and other necessary overnight survival supplies and
are driven to the drop off point for the survival site. Once at the site they
will receive instruction as to how to build a shelter that would keep
them dry and out of the elements if they were in an overnight survival
The instructor then goes through scenarios outdoor enthusiasts could
find themselves in and goes through necessary equipment, as well as
possible safety kits to be carried when enjoying the outdoors. The
campers spend the night in their self-constructed shelters. They wake
up in the morning, pack up, hike out (1/2 mile or so) to the rendezvous
point, and get driven back to camp for morning campfire. This is  
followed by breakfast (their first meal since lunch), a shower (hopefully),
and their first class of the following day. For over 50 years, campers
have survived, Survival!
Here are some campers using
the compass to find their way.
Would this shelter pass when
put to the test?
How about this one?
Here is a fire building contest. Who can
get their flame to burn through the string
Check out those smiles! I think they're going to