Washington State Youth Conservation Camp
Q.        How long is camp?
A.        One week. Sunday drop-off; Saturday pick-up.

Q.        What are the ages of the boys?
A        12 –16 years old, at the onset of camp.

Q        Are the cabins that the boys sleep in age grouped?
A         Yes. The cabins are age grouped, as well as their partner cabin for classes.

Q.        What are partner cabins?
A.        Cabins attend the classes in groups of two. Cabin 1A & 1B go to the Mt. Hike together.

Q.        What type of food is prepared for the boys?
A.        We have a fabulous kitchen staff who spend many hours planning out, buying, and preparing nutritious       
          meals. Our head cook has been with camp for 7 years now. She is definitely a camp and camper favorite!

Q.        How can this camp cost only $300 for a full, all-inclusive week, with meals, materials, instructors,                  
          transportation to and from the island (and around it)?
A.        This is a non-profit camp, so all costs are kept to their minimums. All staff serve on a purely volunteer          
          basis. Good planning, donations, teamwork and flexibility allow for minimal costs as well.

Q.        Will there be a full-time camp medic or nurse throughout the week?
A.        Camp will have a camp medic on staff, able and trained to deal with emergency situations, as well as            
          everyday cuts and scrapes. He also instructs the CPR/First Aid class. There is an ambulance and
          emergency clinic on the island as well.

Q.        What about when they’re with a class that goes outside of the camp grounds?
A.        Each class is instructed by a responsible, mature adult, who will be equipped with an emergency fanny
          pack or backpack, as well as any camper information necessary. They will bring with them everything from
          band-aids to bee kits. Whatever that group requires, the instructor will try to have it.

Q.        Who are responsible for the campers on a full-time basis?
A.        There will be a senior AND a junior counselor assigned to each cabin. There will always be one with their
          campers/cabin at all times (outside of free swim time and meal time); including at night.

Q.        How old are the senior and junior counselors, and where do they come from?
A.        Junior counselors often range in age from 16-18. Senior counselors range from 17-23. All counselors have
          previously been outstanding campers, who showed the ability to lead, the maturity to follow instructions,
          and the responsibility to make good decisions. They go through training before camp begins, and meet
          with the Head Counselor daily throughout the week.

Q.        Can any camper become a counselor? How does one go about it?
A.        Every camper is looked at by his senior counselor, the head counselor, the entire staff (instructors, cooks,
          etc.), and the director. After input from all of these people is attained, then decisions can be made. Of
          course, there needs to be openings in the counselor staff. Some years we only lose one or two counselors
          from the previous year, thus less spots are available. In the end, we’ll contact you if we wish to offer a
          counselor position to anyone.

Q.        What kind of contact can I have with my camper while they’re at camp?
A.        Letters are always a fun way to communicate with your son/camper. Make sure to plan ahead so that the
          campers will get them while they’re at camp. There is a phone for
emergency use in our lodge. The
          number is provided in the paperwork.

Q.        How early should I get to the ferry for drop-off and pick-up?
A.        Plan to be there 1 ½ hours before departure for check-in, etc. For pick-up, ½ hour before arrival time
          should be fine. If you miss the ferry prior to camp, the camper will need to be brought to Camp Moran
          Environmental Learning Center at the camper’s expense. If the camper does not show up at the ferry, with
          no prior notice, there will be no refund. Being late at either time could be extremely detrimental to the
          camper’s experience, as well as the camps.