Boys Camp Will Remain The Last Full Week of July; Girls camp is
the week prior.
Boys' camp for the summer of 2017, will again be the last full week
of July.
 This is an easy way to remember it, even when the dates
don't come quickly to mind.
For the 2018 summer, that means:
 Girls Camp runs from July 1
5th - July 21st.
 Boys Camp runs from July 2
2nd - July 28th
Ferry Schedule (Summer):
2nd Mailing:
Applications will be sent to last year's campers around Spring Break.
Registration / Check-in will take place between
10:30-11:45. Please try to be there during this time, as we'll
need to buy the exact number of tickets, get their bags
packed onto the trucks, and get everyone accounted for
and in a row ready to walk on. Their ferry leaves at 12:35.
Again, the ferry waits for no one :)
The second mailing, which includes the what to bring list,
camp rules, etc., will been sent to signed up campers. If you
don't receive one by June 1, let me know. Make sure a
medical release has been filled out as well :)
Event Information
Time Frame For Pre-Camp Actions
Latest News
Washington State Youth Conservation Camp
Event Calendar

It was another AMAZING
week on Orcas Island last
summer. I don't ever want to
wish away a year, a month,
or even a day, but I
ALWAYS look forward to
getting back to camp. It's
never to early to start
thinking about camp!
With the upcoming holidays,
maybe a GREAT present
might be for someone to
pay, or help pay for, your trip
back to camp? Just a
thought :)

I know that we've already got
boys and girls across the
Northwest excited for next
summer. Look for an email
in the spring with next year's
forms. I usually start signing
kids up around mid-March.
Good luck hunting, fishing,
hiking, camping, or any of
the other awesome things
we get to do in the outdoors
here in the Northwest! I look
forward to hearing some
cool stories...and a few new
jokes, next summer!

Feel free to email me
anytime at:

Your Director,
Lonnie McCann